ICS is a name you can trust. Intrathecal medications are our specialty, and serving you as a business partner is our focus. We are licensed across the United States, and we offer a wide range of ancillary services to help you run a more efficient practice.

In the current healthcare environment, we’ve seen reimbursements decrease, payment denials increase, operational costs increase, and the costs of defensive medicine skyrocket due to litigation and a steady rise in malpractice premiums.

ICS provides ancillary services to help you achieve financial success with your IT therapy patients.

Services Include

  • Back office support for claim submission & EOB analysis
  • Customized financial reports (refill analysis)
  • Off site pump management service (home, hospital, nursing home, rehab facility)
  • Outsourced billing
  • A seamless ordering process
  • Hassle free transition to ICS
  • Order verifications
  • FedEx Priority Alerttm Delivery (meets critical needs for healthcare shipments)
  • Clinical consultation on polyanalgesia
  • Assistance with the clinic's refill schedule
  • On-call pharmacists (24/7)

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