ICS is a compounding pharmacy that is focused solely on improving the efficacy of intrathecal preparations. ICS combines expert pharmacological knowledge with business acumen in practice management to help physicians improve patient access to IT Therapy.

Our sole focus on IT medications and commitment to quality patient outcomes puts ICS at the top of this sub specialty of pharmacy.

We deliver the highest quality preparations, and provide physicians, medical staff and patients with seamless access throughout the process.

ICS articulates reimbursement needs, and helpsyou run a more efficient practice.

An Impact on your Bottom Line

It starts with assurances, peace of mind, and improved patient access that results from high-quality practices and qualified meds. Bring ICS to your team, and you'll see an increase in cash flow, a reduction in procedural costs, and improvement in the claims process.

Why? Quite simply – better meds and better practices leads to better patient outcomes. The time, hassle, and cost associated with marginal outcomes, titrations, the addition of adjuvant medications, dye studies, rotor studies, and surgical explorations would become less prevalent with pre-qualified medications. In fact, clinical risks associated with IT therapy, such as inflammatory mass, may decline once we adopt the use of pre-qualified preparations as the standard of care.

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